3d cene ve dis tomografisi nedir 3dct

What is 3D Jaw and Dental Tomography (3DCT)?

Dental tomography is an imaging method that enables the objects in the desired area to be seen more clearly by using X-rays, and helps to obtain images consisting of thin sections and containing volume.

What is the Difference Between Classical Dental X-rays ?

The biggest difference with conventional dental x-ray; In other x-rays the image is seen in 2 dimensions like a page of a notebook, which means that the image is not transmitted accurately and clearly. Thanks to 3D jaw and dental tomography, the jawbone to be viewed is viewed in 3 dimensions. This allows the thickness, length and width of the jawbones and teeth to be seen in sections smaller than a millimeter. This allows a detailed view of all teeth, jawbone and even airway cavities.

Is Radiation High in 3D Jaw and Dental Tomographs?

In our world where technology has grown like an avalanche, the amount of radiation received from 1 shot is lower than the 2-dimensional panoramic x-ray, thanks to the latest technology tomography devices used today. We have compiled more detailed information about the radiation amounts for our readers on the wheel in the picture.

Who Is 3D Jaw and Dental Tomography Used For ?

Dental tomography is a very reliable method for diagnosing various dental diseases and for detailed treatment planning.

  • For the most accurate treatment planning in implant patients
  • Those with suspected jaw fractures, in patients with trauma
  • In detecting the damage caused by infections to teeth and jaw bones,
  • Those with persistent pain in their jaw or teeth
  • Patients who need a bone graft or use or will use dental implants
  • In the detection of channels that cannot be found with conventional methods in root canal treatment,
  • Cases requiring operation, conditions requiring a surgical guide, patients who will undergo prosthesis planning
  • Determining the proximity of the teeth to the nerve before the surgical extraction of lower 20 year old teeth,
  • Before tooth extraction, to determine the proximity of teeth to anatomical areas, sinuses,
  • People with sinus congestion, jaw joint problems
  • Dental tomography is used for patients with sleep problems, snoring or sleep apnea.
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