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Halitosis (bad breath) is a huge problem in our society. This problem is a bigger problem than expected and it is for you and the other people very uncomfortable in especially social situations. Almost one in four people is suffering with bad breath. People with halitosis may lose their self-confidence and self-esteem in social life. There are a lot of reasons for bad breath as for example starting from the food we eat, the daily oral care, up to general health conditions and many other factors.
The problem that causes bad breath has to be determined and according to this reason the treatment has to be applied. In addition to avoiding foods that cause bad breath, the following methods can reduce bad breath.
• For a good oral hygiene we need to clean our teeth from bacterial plaque and food debris by cleaning the teeth at least twice a day brushing and flossing every day.
• Brushing the tongue. Removing and cleaning of the dentures every night and in the morning before using it again. In addition you need to clean the prosthesis and the remaining teeth in the mouth with a brush after each meal.
• Visit your dentist for a better oral condition regularly for examination and cleaning.
• All dental caries in the mouth, if you have broken fillings, crowns or bridges, they should be treated.
If you get all of these measures, but despite of all the bad breath persists, you better should contact your bad breath expert.
In the halitosis clinic of Hospitadent Dental Group, we make a measurement with a special Halitosis measuring device and we do a research and try to find the real reason of the bad breath.

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