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Dental Implant Treatment in Bodrum | Use of Nobel Biocare Implants

There is no doubt that our teeth have a significant impact on our health and aesthetic appearance for a long and healthy life. Although the curve of life tries to take something from our oral and dental health as we age, good oral and dental care extends the life of our teeth and enables us to have a more aesthetic appearance than our age.

In cases of tooth loss, implants offer many advantages that provide us with a permanent and aesthetic smile. One of the greatest comforts they provide is that tooth loss does not harm healthy teeth due to prosthetics and crowns, and implants mimic the artificial tooth root, providing chewing comfort and durability.

At Bodrum Dental Clinic Dent Halikarnas, we have Nobel Biocare Implant options available. We choose the most suitable, durable, healthy, and long-lasting implant brands for your comfort.

In our previous article, we informed you about Bodrum Straumann implants. With the advancement of digital technologies every day, patients are researching which implant brand to choose? Which is the best implant brand? Who is the best implant doctor? Sometimes our patients even say, "I want to use ...………….. implants." Although the patient's research is beneficial, it is essential not to skip the compatibility with the jaw and the opinion of the dentist.

Today's article is about the Nobel Biocare Implant brand.

As Bodrum Dental Polyclinic Dent Halikarnas, it is among the implant brands we prefer. Of course, we will share frequently asked questions and curiosities.

Where is Nobel Biocare Implant Produced? What is Its Origin?

Nobel Biocare is of Swedish origin. It is a well-established brand known for its biomedical and implant works, having a significant market share worldwide.

Nobel Implant is a pioneer in developing the All on Four (All on 4) system.

It conducts many studies and R&D in implant treatments and aesthetic dentistry.

Is Nobel Biocare an FDA Approved Brand?

Nobel Biocare is an FDA approved brand and has an extensive dealer network in the USA.

Nobel Biocare Implant's Country of Origin? Where is Nobel Biocare Implant Manufactured?

Nobel Biocare implants are produced in four major manufacturing facilities established in the USA and Sweden. We are among the 34 countries where the company has direct sales.

How Many Years has Nobel Biocare Been in Business?

Nobel Biocare has been providing services in the dental industry since the 1960s. In the 1980s, they developed custom implants using CAD/CAM technology, providing significant comfort. It is a reputable and innovative company that has gained trust among dental implant brands.

What are the Prices of Nobel Biocare? How Much Does the Nobel Implant Treatment Cost?

As mentioned in our previous article, the prices of implants, especially Nobel implants, are among the most frequently asked questions. Customers reaching us through our contact numbers generally inquire about the prices of the implant brand to be used. Contact us to get an average idea about the Nobel Biocare implant treatment prices at our clinic.

Patients who have received Nobel Biocare implants express their high satisfaction.

The information provided here is for informational purposes. Please consult your dentist.

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