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Curious About Tooth Extraction

What Should I Pay Attention To After Tooth Extraction?
  • The tampon in the mouth should be bitten 30 minutes after tooth extraction.
  • It is unfavorable to eat until the effect of the anesthesia wears off (approximately 2 hours after the procedure is over).
  • Cigarettes, alcohol and acidic beverages should not be consumed for 24 hours on the first day.
  • Very hot and very cold foods and drinks should be avoided.
  • Blood thinners such as aspirin should not be taken.
  • Any other recommendations your doctor deems appropriate for you should be followed carefully.
  • You can use painkillers on the recommendation of your doctor, it is normal to have a little pain after shooting.
  • It is normal to have bleeding in the form of leakage for the first few hours after shooting, you should not spit it out and act in a way that creates reverse pressure. Otherwise, if there is heavy bleeding and a mouthful of blood comes from the extraction cavity, you should contact your doctor immediately or go to a health center for an emergency.
Does milk tooth extraction damage the underlying tooth?

No, when the time comes, permanent teeth that move to take their place melt the roots of the milk teeth on them and the milk tooth starts to shake. The dentist extracts the tooth using the necessary techniques to avoid damaging the permanent tooth underneath during tooth extraction.

Is there any alternative to bridge prosthesis to eliminate tooth deficiency?

Yes. Today, dental implants have almost completely eliminated the need for bridges, except in cases where patient-specific factors do not allow implantation. These situations should be evaluated carefully by your physician.

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