diyabet ve dis hekimligi

Diabetes and Dentistry

Knowing the fasting blood glucose values ​​before treatment in diabetic patients is important for the risk of infection and the course of wound healing. In uncontrolled diabetes, there is a risk of infection, poor and inadequate wound healing and secondary infection.

In patients using insulin, it is necessary to eat something slightly before dental treatment, it is important to take appointments between morning and noon in terms of preventing insulin reaction.

Since diabetic patients have a high tolerance to pain, infection focuses that may occur in hard and soft tissues (gum, palate, tongue) in the mouth do not cause them any discomfort in the early period, these lesions should go to the dentist for early intervention between 3-6 months. Due to the high risk of infection, very good oral hygiene is necessary for the continuity of gum health.

Many diabetic patients have gum disease, namely perodontitis. This disease, which progresses insidiously, may cause bad consequences that require extraction of all teeth because it causes bone loss if not intervened early. This disease, for which early intervention is of great importance, can be stopped with the dentist-patient association.

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