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Root Canal Treatment and Curiosities

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a form of treatment when the tooth is infected due to reasons such as caries, trauma, cracks in the tooth, or if the vascular nerve network is damaged / ruptured.

In Which Cases Is Root Canal Treatment Required?

Impact to the tooth or jaw,
Physical irritation caused by deep caries,
Advanced gum diseases,
Filling and prosthetic structures made of high, the closing is not fully adjusted,
Incorrectly applied orthodontic treatments.

How to Understand The Need for Root Canal Treatment?

If you have long-lasting pain that awakens you from sleep at night,
If you have swelling on your face,
If you feel pain when you put pressure on your teeth,
If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold,
If your teeth have discoloration

How is Root Canal Treatment Applied?

The treatment is started by applying local anesthesia. The decay is completely cleared. The diseased pulp is removed, the root canals are reached, the canals are expanded. After this stage, it is waited for a few days / a few weeks or the root canal filling process is started immediately. When the treatment lasts more than one session, dressing is applied to the root tips and inside. When the process with the root of the tooth is finished, it remains to form the upper structure. Depending on the situation, this superstructure can be a small filling or a crown restoration.

How Many Days and How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

Depending on the condition of the tooth, it may end in half an hour or more than one session. It is more advantageous and comfortable for both the physician and the patient to reserve a few sessions for teeth with a lot of roots and difficult to fill. Treatment may take several weeks for highly infected teeth, as long dressings are required.

Is There Any Pain During and After Root Canal Treatment?

Thanks to the local anesthesia applied to the patient during root canal treatment, no pain is felt. There may be a slight pain and sensitivity in the tooth during chewing after the treatment.

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