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Straumann Implant

Dear Visitor, in this article, we will provide information only for informational purposes about the Straumann Implant brand, which is produced in Waldenburg, Switzerland.

As we explained at the beginning of our article, we will answer questions such as which country Straumann implant is from and what type of implant it is.

Our first question is, what is the Straumann implant? Straumann implant is a widely used method in dental treatments, and it is a system that can be applied to patients with very short vertical bones by offering alternative options. Among implant brands, Straumann implant is one of the most preferred and best implant brands in our country.

Where is Straumann implant from? Origin?

Where is Straumann implant from? Straumann implant's origin is Switzerland, and it is a product of Switzerland. Let us answer the question of which country Straumann implant is from. Straumann Implant is of Swiss origin and is produced in Waldenburg, Switzerland. It is an implant brand exported to 120 countries worldwide.

Types of Straumann Implants Straumann implants are divided into different types:

Roxolid implant:

It is a high-performance alloy produced by Straumann, consisting of 15% zirconium and 85% titanium. With its durability and bonding properties, it offers multiple treatment options even for narrow-diameter patients. The Roxolid implant price, like the Straumann implant price, varies according to the country's conditions and the number of treatments to be applied.

ITI Straumann implant: Today, being known as the most famous implant brand in the world is the result of long-term studies. The only drawback of ITI Straumann is its high price. In summary, ITI Straumann implant prices are higher compared to other implants.

What is the reputation of the Straumann implant brand?

As the implant division of the Straumann Group, it has been providing services since 1954, making it a nearly 60-year-old company. Straumann implant company is one of the oldest and most established companies in the field of implants.

How much does the Straumann implant cost?

There is one parameter that affects Straumann implant prices. After evaluating these parameters and considering the Straumann implant price list for 2021, Straumann implant prices in our country vary between 500 Euros and 1000 Euros.

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