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Single Tooth Implant Treatment: What You Need to Know

In this blog post, we will answer commonly asked questions about single tooth implants, including what they are, how they are performed, when they are necessary, and the consequences of not treating a single tooth loss.

Why is Single Tooth Loss Important, and When Do You Need a Single Tooth Implant?

Let's begin by explaining the three main reasons why our teeth are essential in our mouth: aesthetics, function (chewing), and pronunciation (speech). Nowadays, many people face problems due to single tooth loss. If the missing tooth is in the front area, it can cause more concern as it may lead to aesthetic and psychological issues. However, missing teeth in all regions can result in various problems due to the lack of these three essential functions.

Causes of Tooth Loss:

To answer the question, "What causes tooth loss?" tooth loss mostly occurs due to tooth decay, gum diseases, or accidents and traumas.

Many people tend to worry more about missing teeth in the front area, while not giving much importance to missing teeth in the back regions because they are not visible. However, it should be known that there are potential negative impacts and damages caused by tooth loss, even if the person is not aware of them.

Here are some of these consequences:

  • Bone resorption in the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth
  • Adjacent teeth shifting towards the gap caused by the missing tooth
  • Premature decay in the adjacent teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing on the side with the missing tooth, leading to problems in the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint)

Treatment Options for Single Tooth Loss:

In the past, treatments such as bridges or dentures were preferred for single tooth losses. However, with the advancements in dentistry, implant procedures have become more widely used, as they offer easier treatment processes compared to bridges. In bridge treatments, the teeth on the sides of the gap are reduced to create space for the bridge, which makes implant procedures a more favorable choice nowadays.

Single Tooth Implant vs. Bridge: Which One Should I Choose?

The most appropriate treatment option will be determined by your dentist after a thorough examination. However, it is worth noting that if suitable conditions are met, implant treatment should generally be the preferred method. Some advantages of single tooth implants over bridges include:

  1. No need for any procedure on adjacent teeth in implant treatment.
  2. The bone in the area of the missing tooth is preserved in implant treatment, preventing bone resorption due to lack of function.
  3. Since the bone in the area is preserved, potential aesthetic problems due to bone resorption in the future are minimized with implant treatment.

Is Single Tooth Implant Suitable for Everyone?

For a single tooth implant to be applied, the individual must have completed their active growth process, and there should be sufficient bone level. The applied implant will serve as a tooth root, so the more quality and sturdy the surrounding bone structure is, the more successful the implant will be in integrating with the bone.

Article written by Dentist Gülnaz AYDIN

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