what is aesthetic teeth

What is Aesthetic Teeth?

Aesthetic teeth is one of the treatment methods offered by Bodrum Konacik dentists for patients to have much more beautiful teeth. Today, with the increasing demand for aesthetic teeth, aesthetic teeth have become much more important. More and more patients want to have a healthy mouth as well as a beautiful smile. It consists of the combination of aesthetic treatments, the right materials and the right dental services to achieve the best dental design. Today, every patient who comes to dental clinics has a problem with their dental health or the functionality of their mouth.

In addition, it comes for the purpose of aesthetic dental treatments.

Apart from these reasons, let's answer the question of what is dental aesthetics, which is one of the most developed areas of expertise in recent years. A perfect smile makes people feel much more perfect. For this reason, the importance of dental aesthetics has increased today and has become one of the most demanded treatments. Now, let's examine all the details together.

Dental aesthetics is a specialty in dentistry that aims to achieve a natural and harmonious smile. The main purpose is to improve the function and aesthetics of the teeth. Advances in dental aesthetics currently enable us to offer each patient a personalized solution to achieve a perfect smile.

What are the Possible Solutions in Dental Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics includes various treatments that help improve the smile.

Tooth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning, technically known as prophylaxis, is a simple but necessary oral health treatment. Thanks to dental cleaning, not only will you have a more beautiful mouth, but also good oral hygiene will be provided, preventing many diseases and common oral problems such as bad breath. Teeth should be cleaned regularly every 6 months.


 If your teeth are crooked or out of place, you can have a perfect and enviable smile with orthodontics. These treatments can correct the bad position of the teeth and improve the alignment. Orthodontic technology is changing day by day, in many cases it is overlooked at first glance. But more and more adults are interested in orthodontics. New orthodontic technologies that improve the aesthetics of teeth work through comfortable, invisible and removable appliances that no one can see, such as lingual orthodontics or invisible orthodontics. An experienced, specialist orthodontic doctor can offer you everything from a traditional base metal orthodontic solution to the latest aesthetic orthodontic treatments. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most common treatment methods, as it provides instant results. But at the same time, it should be remembered that maximum care is required to prevent your teeth from staining again. If your teeth have been pale yellow for many years, you can achieve natural tooth whiteness with teeth whitening treatment. To make your teeth look more beautiful and healthy, teeth whitening is performed using a special gel and blue light. In just one hour of teeth whitening treatment, you will start to see significant improvements in the aesthetics of your teeth.

Tooth Shaping Do you have teeth that are not the size and shape you want? Jagged edges or partial breaks negatively affect the aesthetics of the smile. Tooth shaping is a painless (under local anesthesia) invasive technique that can help you achieve a harmonious and balanced smile line.A special composite material is used to fill and shape your teeth and then contoured to perfect them. Thanks to the tooth shaping technique, you can achieve your ideal smile. Dental Veneers If you are not satisfied with the appearance and shape, color or arrangement of your teeth, you can find a solution with porcelain veneers. Another method, laminate, is a thin layer of porcelain that can repair the front of the teeth to fix and repair fractures, cracks, abrasions or discoloration. These simple and comfortable sheets adhere to the tooth surface and greatly improve the appearance of the teeth. This is a very positive solution for restoring dental aesthetics and improving smiles.

When Should Aesthetic Dental Treatment Be Performed?

This dental specialty is mainly used when the patient has the following problems: If the front teeth are widely spaced, If the teeth are stained and discolored, If there is tooth asymmetry, If the teeth are broken or worn, In the presence of rot, If there is an irregular gingival line or very short tooth surfaces, In the presence of gum disease,

Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic Bodrum

In line with expert advice, an ideal oral health and dental aesthetics is selected. While doing this, you should take certain care measures for your teeth. If maintenance measures are not taken, treatment may not be effective or may result in rapid reversal of results. Finally, you should know that cosmetic treatments are not the only method to solve dental health problems.

Aesthetic Dentist Bodrum

With aesthetic dentist Bodrum, you can prevent various problems in your teeth. Dental aesthetics is a field of dentistry that aims to improve the physical appearance of people through their appearance. In order for these treatments to be done correctly, it is important that the mouth is healthy, so if there is any dental health problem, it will be a priority to solve the problem before the aesthetic procedure is applied. Treatments to improve the patient's dental aesthetics should be personalized treatments and should be able to adapt the smile design with the most appropriate solution to their needs under facial analysis. In this direction, you can contact your dentist to ensure that your teeth have a flawless appearance.

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