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What do we do in dent Halicarnassus general care?

The toothstones on the surface of the teeth are cleaned with ultrasonic devices and then polishing is applied. Airflow work is then applied. (The process of reaching areas where our eyes cannot see and our instruments cannot reach with the help of pressured water and micro-particles and cleaning the tooth surfaces from plaques and bacteria) Then the tongue surface is cleaned and ozone is applied to completely purify the bacteria and microbes that remain mechanically.

Finally, fluorine application is made to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce the sensitivities that may occur.

Why do dental and gum diseases occur?

The oral environment is the gateway of germs and bacteria to our body with the air we breathe even with what we drink during the day. Our mouth, so to speak, is unfortunately an organ that is desminate to be the most germ-rich environment in our body. In this case, bacteria also feed on the nutrients we eat, leading to tooth decay and gum diseases in the first place.

How can I protect against dental and gum diseases?

Of course, with proper oral hygiene, this event ceases to be a problem. If we don't have food left over in our mouths that could be nutrients for bacteria, we'll be protected from dental and gum diseases.

The way to do this is to brush our teeth twice a day, clean the intermediate surfaces with floss, and professionally clean our teeth twice a year in the right way, in the right technical and adequate time.

what do we do in dent halicarnassus general care