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Dijital Smile Design

Perfect aesthetics in dentistry is no accident.

Aesthetics is an infinity designed in something finite.

Every individual is unique, so is every smile.

Having a unique smile is the result of working in a disciplined, systematic way. The first stage for this purpose is the maximum level of communication between the dentist and the patient. Expectations should be fully understood and followed by an accurate treatment plan. must proceed.

For this purpose, the Digital Smile Design concept has recently developed.

What is Digital Smile Design  ?

Digital smile design is the presentation of the final version of the smile to the person without any operation on the teeth before starting the treatment. It can be summarized as planning a healthy, ideal smile by combining naturalness and naturalness.

Where to Start Smile Design ?

  • The smile design begins by taking detailed photos and videos from many angles.
  • The person's lower and upper jaw measurements are taken and models are obtained.
  • Various measurements and drawings are made in digital environment on these images and models that we have obtained, and the most suitable smile is designed for the patient's facial structure.
  • This designed smile is transferred to the laboratory technician and a Mock Up study is performed where you can see the final state of your teeth. The final stage of your teeth is shown in the mouth before your teeth are cut.

What Should Be Considered in Smile Design?

In the smile design, it is very important to determine the patient's wishes by meeting with the patient and the physician in terms of the outcome of the treatment.

  • Your Face Lines
  • Your gender
  • Your Skin Color
  • Eye structure and color
  • Your age
  • Smile symmetry
  • The order and colors of your teeth
  • Your lips
  • Your gums

The smile design starts by first determining which geometric shape the patient's face fits. The facial features of the person include the signs of which form the tooth should be chosen.

Male and female anatomy are quite different from each other. While the facial features of men are sharper and more prominent, the proportions of the forehead, nose and chin tip show differences with the female face. In women, the transition is softer, the nose and eyebrow arches are more subtle. In the teeth, the corners are parallel due to the smoother transition.

In women: While the corners of the teeth rotate softer, the laughing line is curved upwards. The two teeth in the middle are slightly longer than the other teeth. Adjacent teeth do not join with straight lines, there are tiny gaps between them.

In men:While the teeth lines of men are more pronounced than women, the adjacent teeth join in a more straight line. The laughing line that is curved upwards in women is more straight in men.

How Many Types of Smiles Are There?

In general, smile expressions are grouped under three main headings. These basic categories also have different variations within themselves.

  • Sexy Smile: In the attractive smile category, the front teeth are noticeably longer than the lateral teeth.In fact, this is the case in young individuals, the front teeth are the first teeth that wear out over time and their length becomes shorter and brings an older appearance. This design of the front teeth gives a young, dynamic and attractive smile. This category is more suitable for younger individuals.

  • Sophisticated Smile: In the intellectual smile, the teeth are lined up in a horizontal straight line. The intellectual smile, which emphasizes the lower part of the face more, gives the face a mature and knowledgeable expression. The lengths of the teeth are different from each other when they are first erupted at a young age. the situation can make it an advantage, a mature, knowledgeable, intellectual smile design can be made.

  • Sporty Smile: The sporty smile is between the intellectual and the attractive smile. The middle incisors are slightly longer than the side incisors. The sportive smile design gives your face an extraordinary, sincere and warm expression. This smile is not as serious as the intellectual smile, it is as childish as the attractive smile design. It is a smile that is the common choice of those who favor nature.

What are the Measurement Criteria in Digital Smile Design ?

While doing Digital Smile Design, your face proportions and symmetries are important in terms of planning and should be planned very carefully.

  • Horizontal Alignment:The line passing through the pupils and the line passing through the middle of the teeth can be defined as the ideal smile. It is very important that the anterior incisors are not asymmetrical as the incompatibility in shape and size can be seen easily.

  • Gingival Line: Your gingival line should be parallel to the upper lip line when you smile. The gingival line that adds meaning to your smile is just like the frame surrounding a beautiful painting.

  • Smile Width : It should be ensured that the teeth in the back are visible in certain proportions within the smile line, if this is not achieved, the dark areas in the corners of the mouth will not create a pleasant image. The width of the smile is one of the most basic criteria for an aesthetic smile.

  • Embrazors: The areas called Embraşur are natural, triangular spaces between the ends of the teeth. The increase in the size of the embraşur from the front teeth to the posterior teeth provides an aesthetic and ideal smile.

  • Golden Ratios: The golden ratio is a mathematical theory about the proportions of the array in dentistry. In order to achieve harmony in the face, the entire front tooth composition should be evaluated as a whole picture and other parameters of the facial structure should form the frame of this picture. The width and height of the teeth should be 1/16 of the width and height of the face, respectively. There is also the ratio known as the number pi (= 1.618 ...) between a number of geometric shapes in nature. For an aesthetic smile, the teeth must also follow this rule. The ratio between the widths of the incisors and the lateral incisors (1.618 / 1 = 1.618 ... = pi), the ratio between the canines and the lateral incisors (0.618 / 1 = 0.618, which is the result obtained by dividing the number pi or pi It is equal to the number obtained by subtracting 1 (1 / pi = pi-1).

  • Tooth Ratio: The ratio of the widths of the front two teeth to their height must again match the golden ratio, ie 0.618 / 1 = 0.618, which is equal to the result obtained by dividing 1 by the number pi. The apparent length of the tooth should always be greater than its width.

Who Is Digital Smile Design Applied?

Any individual who is not satisfied with their teeth for any reason and wants to get an aesthetic result can have a Digital Smile Design.

How Long Does It Take To Have A Digital Smile Design ?

Digital Smile Design consists of two sessions. It takes approximately 3-4 days.

  • Photographs and models are obtained in the first session. This process takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
  • At the end of 3-4 days, your smile design will be completed in your second appointment session, and your doctor will explain your design to you practically in the mouth. The changes and requests you want to be made are discussed and evaluated on the design. Necessary changes are applied on the design. The final decision is made. This session takes approximately 1 hour.

What to do during the rehearsal phase ?

In about 5-10 minutes during the rehearsal phase, your doctor transfers the smile design designed specifically for you on the model into the mouth. At this stage, absolutely any erosion etc. on the teeth. operation is out of the question.

In line with what you want, your physician can determine the ideal smile for you and apply the changes she deems necessary on the design.After the changes are clarified, studio shots are made again and the final version of the smile design is evaluated.

Can we make changes in the rehearsal session ?

Of course. The main purpose of the rehearsal session is to examine the design with you orally and accept that design with your liking. Everything you want to change is evaluated in detail in that session.

How Long Does It Take To Make My New Teeth When I Like Digital Smile Design ?

The treatment is started in line with the treatment choice your doctor recommends to you and your teeth will be ready after an average of 1 week for each treatment.

digital smile design