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Fissure Sealant

Preventive dental treatments are applied by dentists to prevent dental caries. The anti-caries efficacy of professional topical fluorine applications has been demonstrated in many studies.

No matter how much we brush our teeth, the brushes cannot clean some areas completely due to the indentations on the teeth, which we call fissure.

How is fissure sealant applied?

This method, which is especially applied to children before their teeth decay, can be performed very quickly depending on the condition of the tooth. First of all, teeth are cleaned with a special equipment. Then, the tooth surface is prepared with a special material for the use of fissure sealant material. Fissure sealant, on the other hand, is in a thin, transparent or white liquid form and is carefully applied to the recesses and pits in the teeth. It takes a few minutes for each tooth. As soon as the process is completed, it is hardened by shining a special light on it. The process is fast and simple.

How to Prevent Tooth Decays with Fissure Sealant?

The fissure covering procedure applied to molars in children, is performed to prevent the accumulation of nutrients filling into cavities and grooves that may cause caries. In this way, teeth can be brushed and cleaned more easily. The risk of recurrence of caries is also minimized.

At What Age and Which Teeth Is Fissure Applied?

Fissure sealant can be applied to all children who have milk teeth. In children, it is applied to milk molars and permanent molars. This procedure can be applied not only to children but also to adults. This application can be done with peace of mind on every tooth with a risk of caries.

What is the Difference Between Fissure and Dental Filling?

Fissure application is done in order to prevent decay by filling the indentations of the teeth that are prone to decay and have the risk of decay. Filling is done when the tooth begins to decay, decay or when the destruction of tooth enamel begins. In fact, if there is a more advanced decay in the tooth, the filling is made after the root canal treatment.

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