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Fluorine is an essential trace element for life. It plays a role in the formation of enamel and is stored in bones and teeth. Fluorides are found in all seafood, tea and well waters. The benefit or harm of everything that enters the body is determined by the amount. Anything taken too much turns into poison. If you drink too much, not just fluorine, you will be poisoned. Fluor should also be evaluated in this respect. Topically, that is, fluoride applied to the surface is very useful.

If we list the benefits of fluoride :

  • Prevents enamel deterioration during caries attacks
  • Supports enamel self-repair ability
  • Provides stopping of initial caries
  • It prevents the formation of an acid environment in the mouth by affecting the bacteria that cause decay.
  • It reduces the adhesiveness of the plaque layer formed on the tooth surface
  • By joining the structure of tooth enamel, it creates a more resistant surface against caries.
  • And it prevents tooth decay formation through all these mechanisms.

The easiest and most effective way to prevent decay is to apply fluorinated varnish from the age of 2. How often it should be done depends on the person and the caries tendency. For this reason, the frequency of fluoride in each child is determined by their doctor. Another superficial fluoride application is provided by toothpastes. Since it is short-acting, it should be repeated in the morning and evening. The use of fluoride pastes in children should be started after learning how to spit. It is useful to pay attention to the age range when choosing toothpaste for children.

Superficial fluoride applications, when applied by your dentist in a controlled manner, do not harm our body. The benefit to our teeth is too much to ignore.

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