full agiz implant tedavisi nedir

What is Full Mouth implant therapy?

It is the treatment of jaws with implants and over-implant bridges in case of complete toothlessness or if all teeth need to be pulled for certain reasons.

How to treat Complete Toothlessness?

Cases of complete toothlessness are treated in the form of fixed or mobile implant-top prosthesis applications. Today, the desire of almost every individual with a full toothless jaw is to have fixed (never dating) prostheses.

How many implants are performed in the treatment of full oral implants?

First of all, it should be noted that; anatomical and morphological conditions should be favorable for successful application.

The number of implants applied is one of the determining factors in determining the type of prosthesis. Usually, when two or four implants are used, a prosthesis with press-studs on the inged implant or an overdenture prosthesis with a bar are performed.

At least 6 more ideal 8 implants are applied for fixed bridge in full toothless jaws.

All 14 implants where 4 implants are applied in complete toothlessness have also become a common method in recent years.

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