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Partial Dentures

What is partial denture?
They are the dentures which are appliedwhen fixed dentures cannot be applied. They are also called removable partial dentures because they are attached to the teeth in front of the toothless area with clasps.

How long does their production take? How many times should I come to visits?
Partial denture preparation phases are the same as total denture preparation phases. Partial dentures are prepared after approximately 5 sessions including measurements and various trials. Approximately 2 weeks is sufficient for 5 sessions.

Are partial dentures easy to use?
Partial dentures are supported by teeth with the help of clasps. Although they are so tight to wear and take off when they are first produced, they are worn and taken off easily over time. Comfort and chewing qualities of total dentures should not be expected.

Will I get used to partial dentures?
This kind of dentures has metal parts under the tongue on the lower jaw and across the upper palate on the upper jaw. These parts make getting used to the dentures hard. However, patients use them as if they were their natural teeth after a certain time.

How should I clean partial dentures?
Cleaning of the partial dentures is the same as that of total dentures.

Can I eat comfortably?
Because partial dentures are made by getting support from both soft tissues and existing teeth, coherence problems do not occur. Cutting, biting and grinding functions are done comfortably.

Do they move while eating?
Clasps of partial dentures prevent their movement. Hence, they do not move while eating. Clasps may loosen. In this case, movement of the dentures is easily eliminated by squeezing the clasps.

Will they be esthetically pleasing?
Partial dentures have clasps where they get support from the teeth. Because clasps are made of metal, it may be difficult to provide an esthetical look when there are metal clasps on teeth in the front area.

What should I pay attention to while using them?
In addition to what should be done while using total dentures, you should do no harm to clasps when placing them and taking them off. These processes must be done carefully and slowly. You should close your jaw after you are sure that they fitted. You should not try to place them while the jaws are closed. Otherwise, clasps may bend and be broken.

Are they repairable when they are broken or teeth fall off?
As in total dentures, the base and the teeth can be repaired easily. If clasps are broken, they can be repaired after mouth measurements are taken.

How long does reparation process take?
As in total dentures, depending on the shape and size of the fracture, it is possible within 1-2 days.

Is it possible for diabetics to use dentures?
As total dentures, partial dentures can be applied to almost every patient. It can be applied easily to diabetics. Bruises and wounds which occur after application may take a long time to heal. Also, because dry mouth may occur, special gels and artificial saliva products may be necessary.

Is it possible for patients with osteoporosis to use dentures?
In partial dentures, bone tissue volume is not that important. Because it is a denture which is made considering the support of the teeth, the strength and the sizes of the teeth are important.

Is it possible for patients who have allergies to use dentures?
First of all, allergy tests must be done to detect allergic substances. Metals and acrylic materials are used in partial dentures. If patient is allergic to certain metals, those metals are found by tests and another metal is used for the preparation of the dentures. However, if patient is allergic to acrylic which is a component of total dentures, it is not possible for them to use partial dentures. In such cases, implant supported dentures can be used.

How long is their lifespan?
Total dentures can be used for a very long time if they are provided with proper care and hygiene. Dentures may loosen or move over times due to weight loss or osteoporosis. Apart from these, due to use, clasp may loosen and fractures can be observed. Moreover, loss of the teeth which give support to the dentures may be probable. In this case, missing tooth can also be added to the existing denture.

Partial dentures which I have used for a long time started to loosen and move. What should I do?
To eliminate loosening or moving which occurs due to weight loss or osteoporosis, supplemental applications can be performed on dentures and dentures can be adjusted. If changes on upper and lower jaw are too much, new dentures may be necessary. In addition, if clasps loosen or they are broken, they can be squeezed or repaired.

Is it possible for partial denture clasps to be made in tooth or gum color?
Yes, it is. Partial denture crotches are made in white like teeth or pink like gums but because their risk of being broken is high, they cannot be applied in every case and they require careful use.

Is there a clasp-free alternative of partial dentures?
Clasp-free alternative of partial dentures are precision attachment partial dentures (with snap fasteners). The area in which dentures get support from the teeth is inside the denture and invisible.

Are applications performed on existing teeth while partial dentures are prepared?
Partial dentures can be directly applied after measurements are taken, without any applications performed on existing teeth.

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