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Completed new dense bone regeneration
In growth of blood vessels and bone-building cells
Microscopic structure of Calcium Granules
Calcium Particles with PRP

PRP is a standard procedure at The Behrens Dental Practice.
The Calcium-PRP Mixture will be placed in the jaw bone, wherever the creation or preservation of bone is required.
This procedure is called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and it has been proven to create very dense bone, support a mature healing of the gum and to reduce any potential swelling.
We use sterile calcium particles, with which we mix growth factors and other good cells e.g. platelets, which we obtain from your blood sample, just minutes before we start the grafting procedure.
We can avoid bone resorbtion (“Socket Preservation”) and we can create bone where ever we need it (“Bone Graft/ Sinus Lift) with very advanced and save technologies.
After losing a tooth, the jaw bone is being resorbed immediately and will continue shrinking throughout the years.
When placing an implant, it is vital to have sufficient bone.
Bone Reconstruction

bone grafts