mini implant

Mini Implant

What is mini dental implant?
Mini dental implants are smaller than standard dental implants. The diameter of a mini implant is approximately 2-2.8 mm.

When are mini dental implants used?
Mini dental implants are used to increase the attachment of false teeth.

Can mini dental implant be applied to everyone?
Yes, it can. Mini dental implant use would be more convenient especially for elderly patients or patients who have heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

What are the advantages of mini dental implant?
They are economical.
Because incision is not required on gums, it is easy and quick.
Swelling, pain, and bleeding does not occur after implant is placed.
At the same appointment, patients' prostheses are placed on the implants.
It can be easily applied to patients with systematic diseases or the elderly.

In which circumstances cannot mini dental implants be used?
If there is bone deficiency,
If bone level is less than 10 mm in lower jaw and 13 mm in upper jaw, they cannot be applied.

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