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What is PRF Therapy ?

Platelet Rich Fibrin (Platelet-rich fibrinogen) is one of the most frequently used applications in dentistry in recent years. It is a completely autogenous application (from the person's own tissue) and is a helpful method for our treatments.In this application, which is obtained from the patient's own blood, it is obtained by taking the patient's own blood and passing through some processes and separating the motivator cells in the blood. The obtained PRF can be used during many treatments. The treatment process is shortened with the PRF method, which supports wound healing and increases new tissue formation. It increases the success of the treatment.

In Which Cases?

It is used in tooth extractions, implant operations, cyst operations, gum treatments, sinus lift operations, bone graft operations, bone formation, in short, in every surgical field in dentistry.

Is It Also Used In Implant Treatment?

Yes. In implant treatments performed simultaneously with tooth extraction, postoperative wound healing is faster and the success of the operation increases. A method that reduces the possibility of post-operative infection.
In addition, in recent years, the most preferred dental implant treatments to repair and support the jaw bone tissue have gained great importance in the treatment of missing teeth. The use of bone grafts and membranes has also become widespread in order to increase the lost bone tissue. However, although these materials have passed many tests in terms of biocompatibility with the tissue, some patients experience problems in their recovery because they are perceived as foreign substances for the body. Mixing with PFR increases the acceptability of bone graft and membrane by the body and the success of the treatment increases.

How to Obtain PRF?

In the PRF method, blood is taken from the patient during the treatment. The blood taken is centrifuged and the healing cells are separated and become a strong membrane. In the meantime, the PRF obtained during the ongoing treatment can be used alone or mixed with bone grafts.

Are there any side effects ?

No. Since it is entirely from the patient's own tissue, it is 100% natural and has no side effects. PRF applied to the operation area increases the release of healing cells and the growth factors that activate these cells during the healing period of the wound. Thus, the wound healing process accelerates and new tissue formation increases.

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