takip cikarilabilen apereyler ile ortodonti

Moving Intraoral Apparatus

Intraoral movable appliances, as the name suggests, are intraoral appliances that can be attached and removed at any time and used in early treatment, especially in children. Place holders, reinforcement appliances, jaw expander appliances or habit-breaking appliances are classified as movable orthodontic appliances. Among the types of movable apparatus, which are generally used in the treatment of jaw disorders, some of them fit both on the lower and upper jaws and are made with a single body. Intra-oral movable appliances, while straightening the teeth with springs and screws placed on them, give the patient the advantage of removing the appliance whenever they want. The oral appliance is designed by your physician and is used to provide the most effective treatment in a short time.

Who Is The Treatment Of Intraoral Movable Appliances Applied?

  • People with abnormalities of the lower and upper tooth arches
  • People with unbalanced face and chin structure
  • Those with impaired chewing and speaking functions
  • Those with teeth positioned in the front
  • Those with tooth loss and fractures
  • For those who have crowded, wrongly positioned teeth
  • People with general orthodontic problems
  • orthodontics with removable apparatus