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A single dental implant is an implant method for the treatment of tooth deficiency, as its name suggests.

What are the advantages of Single Dental Implant Therapy?

Thanks to the single dental implant, bridge treatments, which are often used from ancients, have started to decrease rapidly. Implant treatments have brought about the end of the period of two neighboring females cut and used as bridge legs due to single tooth loss. Single tooth implants can fix a single tooth cavity without any damage to neighboring teeth. It is easier to maintain and clean than the bridge. The single dental implant has a natural dental function and offers the same appearance. A single dental implant is almost impossible to distinguish from a natural tooth.

Can Single Dental Implant Be Applied to Everyone?

In order for a single dental implant to be applied, the person's active growth process must be completed and sufficient bone level must be found. As the implant applied will be the root of the tooth, the better and more robust the bone structure surrounding the tooth, the more successful it is for the screw to hold on to the bone.

When should single dental implant be applied?

In single tooth deficiencies, applying a single dental implant immediately or as soon as possible after tooth extraction will both protect the jawbone in the tooth drawn area and prevent the neighboring teeth from slipping into the gravitational cavity.

Single Tooth Implant Prices

Single Tooth implant prices vary according to the implant brand used. You can consult your dentist for information about implant brands and prices.

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