telsiz ortodonti seffaf plaklar ile

Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaques

Thanks to the new technology Transparent Apparatus applied in the correction of dental distortions, you can bring your teeth to the ideal position they should be, without the need to use braces, and have smooth and healthy teeth.

What is Transparent Apparatus ?

The transparent appliance, which is described as a technological revolution in the world of orthodontics, is an orthodontic treatment method that allows the teeth to be corrected without aesthetic concerns thanks to transparent plaques and at the same time has a program that can instantly show the structure of your teeth in digital environment.

What are the Privileges It Offers ?

  • Transparent appliances consist of completely transparent plates. In this way, they cannot be noticed when viewed from the outside. Even your closest ones (friends, family) will have a hard time noticing.
  • There is the possibility of plugging and unplugging at any time.
  • It is a painless treatment method. Pain, aches and pains that are frequently encountered in metal wires are absolutely not encountered.
  • There is no aesthetic concern as with metal braces. You can continue your family, work and social life without any anxiety. Especially, it prevents the psychological problems experienced by children and young people in the treatment of tooth deformity.
  • It is a treatment method that solves all the troubles experienced in bad breath, sticking of the wire in the palate, tooth brushing. It definitely does not affect your voice and speech.
  • It allows your treatment to be completed faster.
  • It can be applied at any age.
  • After examining and approving the simulation with your physician, your transparent plates are produced immediately and sent to the dentist - orthodontist where you started the treatment. The number of appliances to be used and the duration of treatment will be clear after this 3-dimensional simulation. When you use the Transparent Appliances specially produced for you for 20-22 hours a day, the teeth will start to move as seen in the simulation. For example, if 6 appliances are needed to correct the crowding of the mouth, this means that we will have a 12-week treatment in total. Transparent appliance average treatment duration varies between 3-6 months.

    Why Patients Prefer Transparent Apparatus ?

  • Being completely transparent and not noticeable from outside,
  • Having the chance to remove it at any time
  • No pain, aches and pain sensations
  • It is a definite treatment method and the treatment process can be followed digitally.
  • Why Orthodontists and Dentists Prefer Transparent Apparatus ?

    As a result of our research study conducted between our transparent appliance providers, orthodontists and dentists, the 4 biggest reasons for using Transparent Apparatus as a treatment method are listed below.

  • Transparent plaque treatment can be applied to more patients in a shorter time,
  • Positive comments and thanks from patients who use the transparent appliance treatment method,
  • The production of transparent plate within the same day or 1-2 working days due to the fact that it is completely domestic production and can be delivered to the patient through a doctor,
  • Thanks to the special software developed, it is possible to follow the correction of the teeth in 3 dimensions.
  • wireless orthodontics (with transparent plates)