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What is Screw Thread?

ımplant prostheses can be planned as screwed and cemented (with adhesive).

Since the prosthesis cannot be removed from its place in cemented, ie classical prostheses that are directly adhered to the mouth, even how careful is taken during the bonding, the cement (adhesive) residues can escape into the gums and go towards the implant surface. The cement residue will damage the gum, bone and therefore the implant there. The most important cause of long-term failure in implant treatments is known as cement residue. In screw prostheses, the bonding process is either not performed at all or is done outside of the mouth. Even if it is done in the mouth, the prosthesis can be easily cleaned because it can be removed.

What are the Advantages of Screw Threads ?

  • When necessary, the prosthesis can be easily removed by reaching the screws through the screw holes in the mouth. However, in cemented prostheses, it may be necessary to cut out the prosthesis. This process is a tedious method that takes a long time for the patient and the physician. The prosthesis has to be made again, starting from scratch.
  • Porcelain pulses, fractures, etc. that may occur in screw teeth, prostheses. The prosthesis can be removed and easily repaired in repairable problems
  • From time to time, loosening occurs in the abutments made on the implant, which we call abutment, and the screw that connects the implant. While it is not possible to tighten the screw without removing the prosthesis in cemented prosthesis, the problem is solved very easily in screwed teeth.
  • Tightening the screw more than the values ​​specified by the companies in order to avoid screw loosening problem in the classical method may cause the screw to break. However, if you tighten the screw threads less than necessary, it will be very easy to retighten the screw when the problem occurs.
  • It is possible to clean the denture and mouth by removing the screwed dental prosthesis at regular intervals.
  • Patient comfort is provided with less number of implants thanks to screw systems, which are called hybrid prosthesis on implants and where only 4 or 5 implants are made.

  • What are the Disadvantages of Screw Threads ?

  • Screw dental prosthesis requires a more precise measurement and laboratory process.
  • The spacers used in the prosthetic phase are slightly more expensive.
  • It cannot be applied in every case. For example; In cases where screw holes will protrude from the outer surface of the front teeth, it cannot be done because of an aesthetic problem.
  • what are the advantages of screw threads